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Miya Tenaka [userpic]
[sticky post] Welcome to the Teen Wolf Rare Pair Mini Bang
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:55 pm)

Hello and welcome to the Teen Wolf Rare Pair Mini Bang! This challenge focuses on rare pairings, which in this fandom pretty much means every pairing other than Derek/Stiles and Scott/Allison. This isn't out of hate for the main ships of the fandom (on the contrary, we love them too), but out of love for the smaller pairings, to give them a chance to shine. :)

The minimum word count for this Mini Bang is 7000 words.


Check-in/post a snippet: October 14th-20th
Rough drafts and summaries due: November 13th
Summary preview for artists: November 15th
Art claims: November 17th
Art drafts due: December 5th
Posting begins on: December 9th

Authors Sign-Ups | Artist Sign-Ups | Support Sign-Ups | FAQ | Banners and Icons

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Miya Tenaka [userpic]
Banners and Icons
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:50 pm)

You will find promo graphics under the cut. If you would like to make some, I'd love to add them to the post. :)

Banners and IconsCollapse )

Miya Tenaka [userpic]
Frequently Asked Questions
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:49 pm)

1. Can I make art as well as do a story?

2. What about the support people? Can I sign up to do both a story or art and be a beta?
This is definitely okay, but you aren't allowed to be the beta for your own story.

3. If I finish it, can I submit a WIP I've been posting in my journal?
No. No part of your story can be posted anywhere on the web prior to your assigned posting date. You may finish something you've been working on and only sharing with alpha/beta readers.

4. Can I submit a sequel to a story I've already posted?
Yes, so long as the new story can stand on its own.

5. Why are crossovers not allowed?
This is for practical reasons. It can be difficult to find artists that would be familiar with both fandoms and would want to pick that story above all the other stories. To ensure that everybody will get art, crossovers ar not allowed.

6. Why do you hate Sterek?
I don't. :) Actually, I read and write Derek/Stiles (I do hate ship names, but that's another story :P) more often than not. But I also love diversity, and I know that I'm not the only one. And lets face it, a huge part of this fandom is Derek/Stiles. So the point of this mini bang is to promote smaller, rarer pairings.

7. Can I write Derek/Stiles or Scott/Allison as background pairings?
Yes, you can, they just can't be the main pairing of the story.

8. What about a polyamory fic that includes Derek and Stiles or Scott and Allison?
Those are also allowed, as long as it doesn't primarily focus on Derek/Stiles or Scott/Allison.

9. Why a mini bang and not a big bang?
There are several other challenges (exchanges, reverse bang...) running this automn, so I figured people would be more enclined to sign-up for a smaller bang than commiting to a huge word count. Of course, there is no maximum word count. :)

10. Can an author turn in more than one story?
Yes, they can.

11. Can writers collaborate on a story?

12. Is there a word limit for the first draft?
No. So long as the story is complete (has a beginning, body, and definitive ending) and at least 7000 words, there is no upper limit.

13. Can an artist do more than one piece of art?
An artist can do as many pieces of art for their assigned stories as they want.

14. Is there a size limit on art?
No. As long as it meets the minimum requirements and you can post it in your live journal or on your website, you're good.

15. Do fan mixes count as art?
No. You must do a piece of graphic art (original illustration, photo manip, etc.) or vid for your story. If the author does not have a fanmix or soundtrack picked out, you may do one in addition to your other art.

16. Can I post a soundtrack for my story?
Yes, please! :D However, any posted cover art must come from your artist, at least until the end of the big bang posting period.

17. Can I post art that I or someone other than my artist has done when I post my story?
No. Not before the end of the posting period. The point of this challenge is for the writer and the artist to collaborate.

18. Can I give my artist direction on the art?
We encourage discussion between artists and authors, but the final call on all art produced is ultimately up to the artist, just as the final call on all writing is up to the author. Authors may request things like icons or dividers that will make posting easier, but the artist is not required to provide these.

19. Can I turn my story in before the rough draft deadline?
Please! Send an email with your story as an attached file (please, no stories should be submitted in the body of the e-mail!) to twrare.minibang@gmail.com.

20. I’d rather f-lock my big bang story. Can I?
No. The point of this challenge is to share your stories. They must be posted unlocked and remain so.

21. What happens if I miss a deadline?
You will be given 24 hours to contact us with the reason, and an additional 48 hours from that point to submit whatever is due at that time. If at that point we still have not received what is due, you will be disqualified from the challenge.

22. I'm not going to be able to complete my art in time. What do I do?
Please contact the mods the moment you realize you will have to withdraw from the challenge so that we can assign a pinch-hitter! (We can also try to arrange later posting dates if that helps.)

23. Am I required to use one of the alphas/betas from the sign-ups here?
No. If you have someone you already use to alpha or beta your stories, you are more than welcome to use them for this challenge as well.

24. Will you be archiving the Mini Bang submissions anywhere?
At the end of the challenge, there will be a Master List comprised of every entry, with links to both stories and artwork, as well as an AO3 collection, but we will not be doing a separate archive.

25. Do I have to follow you on Tumblr/Twitter?
Of course not, but you're welcome to do so! I'll be posting reminders and such over there. :)

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please comment to this post and we will answer as quickly as possible!

Miya Tenaka [userpic]
Authors Sign-Ups
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:48 pm)
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Rules for Writers

1. Stories must be a minimum length of 7,000 words. There is no maximum, but it must be a completed story at the time of posting.
2. Stories may be slash, het, or poly.
3. The stories must be focus on a rare pariring in the Teen Wolf fandom. For this challenge, a pairing is considered rare if it has under 2000 fics tagged for it on AO3, which at this time means anything but Derek/Stiles (15834 fics) and Allison/Scott (2986 fics).
4. Crossovers are not allowed.
5. You may not post your story anywhere on the internet prior to your assigned posting date.
6. Your story should be posted on you own journal, AO3 account or other website on your assigned posting date. A header and links should be posted to the community.
7. Stories must be beta read.

Please visit the FAQ if you have any questions. Anything not answered there can be asked in comments to that post.

Important Dates for Writers

-You must have a complete rough draft, summary, story warnings, and final title turned in by November 13th.
-On November 15th, your anonymous summary and title will be posted for artists to preview. Art claims will be held on November 17th.
-Posting will begin on December 9th.

To sign up

Please comment to this post using the form provided:

Miya Tenaka [userpic]
Artists Sign-Ups
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:47 pm)
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Rules for Artists

1. Artwork must be a minimum of the following, depending on type of art: Manips, Artwork, Digital Artwork- 500x500px, or Vid- 1 min. You are required to create at least one piece of art from these options, but you may of course create more than that if desired. Icons, spacers, wallpapers, and fanmixes do not count toward your obligation, but are of course allowed in addition.
2. You will have the opportunity to claim a story to create artwork for on the date of artist claims. This is done on a first come/first serve basis, but the story summaries will be posted one day earlier for previews. If the story you want has already been claimed, we encourage you to choose another instead.
3. You may not post your art or vid anywhere public on the internet prior to your assigned posting date.
4. Your artwork should be posted (unlocked) on you own journal or website on your assigned posting date. The link should then be provided to your author to include on the header they submit to the community.

Please visit the FAQ if you have any questions. Anything not answered there can be asked in comments to that post.

Important Dates for Artists

-On November 15th, a list of all summaries and titles will be posted for you to choose from.
-On November 17th, you will be able to claim a story. Once you have done so, the author's contact information will be provided to you so you can contact each other. They will provide you with the full story to create art for.
-The due date for artwork and video drafts is December 5th. You must provide us with either a live link to the art or vid, or the art file itself in a photobucket compatible format.
-Posting will begin on December 9th.
(Your artwork should be provided to your author before their particular scheduled posting date, so that they have the opportunity to embed the artwork into the story if desired.)

To sign up

Please comment to this post using the form provided:

Miya Tenaka [userpic]
Alphas, Betas and Cheerleaders Sign-Ups
by Miya Tenaka (miya_morana)
at September 2nd, 2013 (02:46 pm)
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If you want to participate, but don't think you'll have the time to devote to a long story or a piece of artwork, never fear, there are still ways for you to help! :D

The players:

Beta Readers
-Stories are required to be beta-ed for this challenge, and not every author has access to their own personal beta-reader. Betas are one of the most important parts of the writing challenge. You, as a beta-reader, are the person who proofreads the entire story. You check for things like grammar issues, spelling issues, punctuation, and you make sure that things make sense, that there are no plot holes, that characterization seems accurate. Your job, as a beta, is to clean away all the pesky mistakes the writer may be too caught up to notice they're making. ;)

Alpha Readers
-Having an alpha reader is not a requirement of the challenge for writers. However, alpha readers can be incredibly helpful. You are the people who hunt the story for things like characterization and plot holes. You look at the backstory, the story arc, everything. You let the writer know if something doesn't quite make sense, and you offer suggestions when needed. You work with the writer as they're writing, and offer feedback as they go. :)

-Where would the writers and artists be without their cheerleaders? You are the people who keep them going through it all. Writer's block, looming deadlines, Real Life issues that get in the way... you offer support, a shoulder to cry on when they need it, encouragement, a nagging presence when they don't think they'll be able to work without one. ;)

If any of these sound like something you think you'd be inclined to do, please take the time to sign up! Authors will have the opportunity to go through this post and decide who to contact based on what you're willing to read vs. what they're writing.

When signing up, please use the form provided:

Please visit the FAQ if you have any questions. Anything not answered there can be asked in comments to that post.

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